Business Introduction

Real Estate assets

KPEX Asset Management applies various investment strategies according to property characteristics based on the know-how of development and asset management experts.

We mainly manage development and value-added funds.

  • We optimize our product development process by carefully selecting excellent locations and introducing development concepts that are in line with market trends and customer demands.
  • We then use appropriate marketing and operation methods to develop various types of properties, including complex facilities such as sales-type properties and lease-operated properties.
Property value-add
  • Adding value after acquiring undervalued properties in areas where future value is expected to increase over the current value
  • Acquiring undervalued or deteriorating properties, followed by building remodeling and new tenant mix to generate operating income and value
Real-estate fund
  • Concentrate investment in high-quality assets located in key regions at home and abroad
  • Invest in assets that are highly liquid, generate stable returns over the long term, and have low volatility after procuring tenants with excellent credit ratings

Investment Target 01  Office

Commercial buildings such as Office buildings, knowledge industry center, 

section office buildings

Investment Target 02  Retail

Retail buildings within complexes 

(sales buildings, neighborhood living buildings, etc.)

Investment Target 03  Residence 

Residential buildings such as apartments, 

residential complexes, and studios

Investment Target 04  Hospitality 

Business buildings such as tourist accommodations, affordable accommodations, etc.

Investment Target 05  Logistics

Industrial buildings, such as, 

Logistics distribution buildings within the high-tech industrial complexes

Investment Target 06  NPL

Undervalued properties and NPL, 

Renewal business of aging properties and business stability improvement for NPL properties

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